Customizable Capritouch Italian Sandals Are Available at Bloomingdale’s

by | May 27, 2015 | Fashion, Industry News


Tucked away on the fourth floor of Bloomingdale’s in the Shoe Salon, you will find Italian cobblers attentively crafting a new dynamic shoe collection—Capritouch Italian Sandals. The line comes from a longtime tradition of the island of Capri, and was reinvigorated by the varying foot shapes and shoe sizes of women in New York.

A standard pair of the sandals starts at $145, but the extent at which each pair is customized makes them well worth the price. Buyers have the freedom to choose the heel size (flat, 1 inch or 2 inch), leather color, shoe style, as well as if they would like to add gems or an inscription. Lisandra Rodriguez and Melania Ferraro—two cobblers that manage the branch in Bloomingdale’s—describe the line as being centralized around a “create your own sandal” philosophy.

“The customer can pick the style, the heel, the color of the leather, the color of the stones, how many crystals they would like to put on the sandals and they can decide with us, so we do it together,” Rodriguez said.

There are premade sandal styles in the Shoe Salon available to buy, but the cobblers are the most enthusiastic about the customizable option.

“We measure the sole and the feet of the customer to make the perfect size, and then we can put their initials on it, or a special date with numbers or letters, as a little present for our customers,” Rodriguez said.

If you stop by their salon in Bloomingdale’s, don’t forget to ask about the personalized inscriptions.

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