Coppelia Serves Latin Dishes 24/7

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Dining

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Stemming from Cuba’s famous ice cream factory and famous ballet, Coppelia, brings its intimate Latin American cuisine to Downtown’s elite.

Coppelia serves a variety of dishes from Mexico, Peru, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic to American cuisines with Latin recreations. The 24-hour diner located in Chelsea serves an option of breakfast, appetizers, snacks, burgers and sandwiches, its main entrees, and drinks all day.

Amongst its diverse menu, here are some must-haves from each course recommended by Downtown.

Breakfast: The homemade pancakes stood out the most. It offers customers a choice of three blue cornmeal or buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. Their fluffy blue cornmeal pancakes are identical in taste to America’s whole wheat pancakes. It’s served with warm, delicate fresh fruit and sugar on top, so you can be generous with the syrup and still enjoy.

Starters: Coppelia adds an unique touch to the American chicken wings with blue cheese. Their Alitas 100 Fuegas is chocolate-chipotle glazed wings offers a sweets and spicy. The chocolate flavor is very light and the spice is enough for everyone to still enjoy. This dish is also served with Jimaca, Mexican potatoes.

Sandwiches and burgers: The Cubano, a Cuban sandwich for the pork lovers filled with shredded roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard chipotle mayo, and served with Yuca potatoes on the side and Chimurri sauce. The sandwich is very filling, and is not too heavy, however, we would recommend adding the Chimurri sauce for an extra kick of flavor. The Yuca is starchy like potato wedge, and eating it with the Chimurri sauce gives it an extra kick of flavor.

Main Entree: The Mexican recipe, Chuleta, served as one of Downtown’s favorite. The main course came with fresh juicy kale, a tender pork chop marinated in Adobo, and sweet peaches to add a salty and sweet dish to the menu.

In addition to being able to eat a dish from four different Caribbean islands, the customer service was great. As soon as you walk through the door, you are greeted and seated, and there is a fully stocked bar with red and white wine and your choice of vodka. Although Coppelia is a diner, it’s still a perfect place to grab a brunch, meet up with an old friend, or perhaps even have a dinner date.

-By Krissy Lewis


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