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All photos: Courtesy of Popbar

Nestled on the bustling stretch of Carmine Street in West Village, Popbar has been cooling off customers with frozen gelato, sorbetto and yogurt on a stick all summer long. You don’t want to miss out on these delicious and refreshing summer treats!

With gelato flavors ranging from peanut butter to coconut; a variety of refreshing sorbetto flavors such as grapefruit and blood orange; to tasty yogurt flavors like strawberry, classic and dark chocolate; Popbar has taken the iconic idea of a frozen treat on a stick to a whole new level.

Originally from Italy, founder Reuben BenJehuda and his partner, Daniel, created Popbar on the vision to provide a healthy, refreshing Popsicle contrary to the typical supermarket Popsicle brands.

“For our gelato we use more milk than cream to make it much lighter and less calories than American ice cream,” BenJehuda said. “The sorbet is diary free and the difference between ours and a supermarket pop is they use maybe three percent fruit syrup and we use 80 percent real fruit.”

The yogurt pop is also made from real, natural yogurt with no artificial flavorings or additives. All of the pops are exceptionally low in calories, all natural and are full of flavor.

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These popsicle experts pride themselves on the fact that the handcrafted treats are made fresh, in small batches, in-house every day. On top of that, they wanted to give their customers the fun experience of being able to build-your-own.

“The process is very simple. We have a very eye catching display with at least 20 to 26 flavors everyday and what we’re proud of is you can choose with your own eyes and not from a board like you do at a fast food place,” BenJehuda said.

After choosing a popGelato, popSorbetto or YogurtPop flavor from the cooled display case, customers have the option of choosing from eight different all natural toppings, such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, chocolate sprinkles, caramel corn, coconut or crushed waffle cone pieces.

Next, customers can choose from a variety of chocolate dippings including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or even mint dark chocolate, to either dip, half-dip, or drizzle onto their pop.

“You can have 100 customers and get 100 different combinations,” BenJehuda said.

The two owners chose West Village as their base and very first opening location five years ago because of the areas iconic image. It is one of the oldest parts of New York and they wanted to see what kind of audience their business would attract.

“West Village has got a little bit of everything; a little bit of students, a little bit of young kids, tourists, locals, restaurant go-ers and this is a product for everyone at every age,” BenJedua said. “The pop is iconic itself and West Village is an iconic place.”

To check out this handcrafted treat on a stick or to learn more about Popbar, please visit their website.

-by Kelsey Maloney

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