Come experience “All The President’s Cocktails” at W Hotels through Nov. 8

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Downtown Living, Events

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Red, white or feeling blue? This election season, you are not alone.

To add a bit of levity to the election of all elections, W Hotels has launched All The President’s Cocktails, a spirited coloring book that celebrates past presidential drinking habits with 12 pages of presidents and their favorite cocktails. From Washington’s Whiskey Old Fashioned to FDR’s Gin Martini to Honest Abe’s Cucumber Stiletto Mocktail, each page includes a fantastical illustration to color and a cocktail recipe to mix…until our collective national hangover comes to an end on Nov. 8.

All The President’s Cocktails features our past leaders in unexpected settings, with corresponding tales of their drinking habits of yore to help ease our national anxiety leading up to the election:

· George Washington (illustrated as a hipster in a modern day small batch distillery): Whiskey Old Fashioned

· John Adams (seen socializing at a fancy bar): Madeira Port Sangria

· Thomas Jefferson (brunching on the Potomac): Wine Spritzer

· Andrew Jackson (looking bitter about being replaced on the $20 bill): Whiskey Sour

· Abraham Lincoln (also known as “Sober Abe,” taking a well-deserved moment of relaxation at the spa): Cucumber Stiletto Mocktail

· Rutherford B. Hayes (spiking the White House punch when his wife, ‘Lemonade Lucy’ who was a staunch prohibitionist, wasn’t looking): Rum Lemonade Punch

· William McKinley (relaxing in a giant cocktail glass): McKinley’s Delight

· Teddy Roosevelt (sitting with a teddy bear enjoying a horse race): Mint Julep

· FDR (seen with his sleeves rolled up, revealing tattoos, shaking a martini behind a bar): Gin Martini

· JFK (lounging on a sailboat): Daiquiri

Illustrated by Lindsay Mound, All The President’s Cocktails is available exclusively to guests who book the EWOW Suite, the brand’s take on the Presidential Suite, at any of the 24 W Hotels throughout the United States through Election Day.

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