Claire Pettibone’s Fashion Show of “Romantique” Wedding Dresses

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On Wednesday June 18th, guests headed to West 36th St to view Claire Pettibone’s highly anticipated line of boho-chic wedding dresses, Romantique. Attendees entered through the elevator to Gary’s Loft, a room with rustic wooden floors and white walls. Along the wooden floor, a runway made-up of two antique carpets, placed diagonal from each other, separated two rows of chestnut colored chairs.

Romantique is the low-end of high end wedding dresses. Though this is a more affordable line, it’s highly requested among brides who want to wear Pettibone’s popular bridal designs for their special once-in-a-lifetime event.

The dresses were purely immaculate. The designs were subtle, soft, flowing and flattering. Pettibone used traditional styles, some including lace with engraved floral and butterfly patterns. Brides love lace; which is widely known in the bridal world.

Pettibone designed the new line Romantique as a less expensive bridal line to meet the requests of brides who could not afford the high-end designer’s expensive dresses. The intricate and detailed  designs of the dresses exhibited Pettibone’s skills with couture and sophisticated fashion. The price point of the bridal line is between $1,000 and $3,000.

The models gracefully walked down the runway, flaunting the goddess-like creations. The crowd was mesmerized. All of the models had floral head wreath hair accents, which are popular and trendy at the moment, paired with dark beige sandals that laced up right below the knee. It was impossible to miss the elegant trains that followed behind the models. The ensemble was perfection.

As the last model walked down the runway, she exposed a back tattoo that read “Romantique” in script. This accompanied the anchor tattoo on her forearm, which gave the dress a different feel from the models before her.

Pettibone is excited to meet the demands of her brides. She said “I have many wonderful followers who love the collection but can’t necessarily afford the couture price. I thought it was really time to do a focus collection fully for that price level so that a bride who loves Claire Pettibone would have more choices, and can find something lovely.”

The gowns are now available for purchase and Pettibone has already began filling orders for buyers who attended the event. She couldn’t be more pleased. “I am really happy,” Pettibone explained. “The dresses are flowy, romantic and pretty. They have a different feeling from couture; they’re equally as pretty, with a different vibe.”

– Mariah Brown

– Photography by Blair Kwon



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