Circuit of Change: A New Approach to Fitness

by | Aug 18, 2018 | Uncategorized

A class at Circuit of Change will leave your mind surprisingly clear, and your body unsurprisingly sweaty.  “Circuit of Change is a full body workout that targets core, flexibility, strength, and stamina. We integrate rolling and primal movements along with yoga and kickboxing to keep the body stimulated and the mind challenged. We also incorporate mindfulness and meditation. Every class is different which keeps the class fun and interesting”, said Brian Delmonico, the founder of Circuit of Change.


The studio offers something for everybody and every mind. Instructors push students to reach their highest level of athletic intensity in a manner that is conscious of spirituality. Throughout the course, instructors remind students to “trust their bodies”, to be confident and aware of how powerful and capable their bodies are. It is obvious that students also learn to trust their instructor’s ability to deliver a rejuvenating, and challenging experience in every class.

Circuit of Change approaches mind and body wellness in an innovative and dynamic way. Brian Delmonico explains, “My approach was to use the physical intensity of movement, and this unique hybrid class to reach a state of euphoria where people could fully let go and receive the benefits of yoga/meditation and healing. Nothing beats seeing and feeling a shift take place in someone right before your eyes.”

Brian Delmonico hopes that all who enter the studio, “take away a sense of peace and calm, and leave class feeling stronger, connected, and more alive with positive energy.”

After a class, you will feel tranquil and confident. The next day, you will feel sore.



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