Chinatown’s Hot New Restaurant, Chinese Tuxedo

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Dining, Downtown Living

Prepare yourself for a whole new take on Chinese food. The new restaurant, Chinese Tuxedo, has taken Chinese cuisine to the next level and it is the hot place to be.

Rooted in the traditions of Chinatown, Chinese Tuxedo is a contemporary Chinese restaurant set in a former opera house on the historic Doyers Street. Their mission is to modernize Chinatown dining, and they are doing it in a fashionable manner with Executive Chef Paul Donnelly directing the kitchen. Their menu is flavorful and eclectic, enticing reimagined traditional and classic Chinese banquet dishes.

Downtown talked to co-owner Eddy Buckingham about his recent addition to Chinatown. Jeff Lam, the other co-owner, and Eddy have been friends for a long time coming. While Eddy is Australian, Jeff is Chinese/American and together they have created a truly unique restaurant.

Co-founder Eddy Buckingham

It all began one day when Buckingham asked Lam for him to take him to his favorite places for Asian food, which led them to Chinatown. Compared to the Australian Asian food Buckingham was used to, he found American Asian food to be rather “old school” and felt Australia was progressing more. From that moment on, Buckingham was determined to bring this unique twist on Asian food to the heart of Chinatown, which they proceeded to do with the opening seven months ago.

The atmosphere of Chinese Tuxedo makes the restaurant hip and different. A big space and full of history while giving off a contemporary feeling.

Overall, the Pan-Chinese dishes are organic and superb quality of high-end Chinese food. Their menu is more broad but they tend to stick to the classic Chinese principles while cooking, but in their own, new way. All is served family-style, allowing you to try a little bit of everything.

Downtown had the pleasure of visiting the restaurant to find out what all the hype is about, and let’s just say we understand. Upon entering the restaurant, you’re met with greenery and candles lighting up the room, creating a very informal, yet trendy feel, all in the heart of Chinatown.

Among everything on the table, the crispy eggplant was exquisite. After the tasteful dinner, dessert was brought out and was the perfect ending to a flavorful dinner. Although many Chinese restaurants aren’t known for their dessert, Chinese Tuxedo are getting everything right, from dinner to dessert. The Chinese strawberries and cream was out of this world. It was a memorable experience to say the least.

Downtown’s CEO and Publisher, Grace A. Capobianco has become a frequent visitor and has nothing but positive things to say about the restaurant. During her last visit, she found the restaurant to be chic, trending and the hot new place to be seen for celebrities as well..

“It’s a celebrity hotspot, even Usher was there enjoying a meal with friends last time I visited,” Capobianco noted.

“You’re in a historical area, the space alone has more history that one can imagine. Oh yes, and the food is delicious with a fresh spin on old favorite Asian fare,” said Capobianco and added, “Dishes like the eggplant makes your mouth water.”

Chinese Tuxedo aims to give you a premium experience with their new twist on traditional Chinese food. Buckingham stated that the goal is to be the most exceptional Chinese food in the country, and we’d say they are well on their way to reaching that goal.

Photos courtesy of Chinese Tuxedo

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