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Healthy eating doesn’t automatically have to mean flavorless kale and a juice cleanse, nor does a quick meal need to qualify as fried food. Say hello to CAVA; the combination of fresh food and speedy service.

If you’re ravenous or start to salivate as you read this, don’t’ worry, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to pick up a CAVA meal in the city. Following a grueling training session at Barry’s Bootcamp – we’re still recovering, thank you very much – Downtown visited the brand’s Union Square branch for a green boost.

The CAVA model was created with efficiency in mind. Pick a salad base from a variety of options, add a choice of meat, some rice if you want it, a range of exotic vegetables and saucy add-ons, including hummus and tzatziki. Finish off with crispy corn strips on top and you’ll never want a plain old Caesar salad again.

Although the concept may sound rudimentary, the food is anything but. One of the main aspects of any NYC foodie venue is its level of ‘instagrammability’ and CAVA is #nofilter. Garden-fresh and compelling with a Mediterranean zest, your meal will look as beautiful as it tastes.

The brand is grab-and-go friendly, built for NYC speed, with two locations in the city. Download the in-house app and you’ll be able to add credit for pre-orders, as well as personalize your meal and drink ahead of arrival.

Speaking of things to quench your thirst with, foodies can also cherry-pick from a range of cold juices, classic Pellegrino sparkling water and other liquid delights including unsweetened tea.

Order and pay through the app, set a pickup time and get your goodies. The ultimate lunch place if you’re in a hurry, need multiple meals for yourself and work colleagues, or simply just don’t like waiting in line for your food.

Healthy, quick and easy; it’s the CAVA way and we love it. And others are too. CAVA is available in seven states throughout the US, Los Angeles being their most popular city — they’ve just opened a 7th spot at the University of Southern California! So if you find yourself on the opposite coast, you’re still able to enjoy the fresh concoctions from CAVA at multiple locations. Now, when it the third one opening in NYC, is all we ask?

Check out where to find your CAVA in NYC or beyond right here.

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