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Although the holiday season has come to an end, the generosity should not stop. Many products and brands are philanthropic nowadays, making the idea of giving back easy! Vers creates speakers that are handcrafted in stylish wood and are as beautiful as they are sustainable. They will fit beautifully in your home serving as a form of both entertainment and decoration. Vers is committed to three basic values: thoughtful design, brilliant sound quality, and a continuous pursuit of environmental sustainability, or as they say “sound sound.”

This product comes in the 1Q model and the 2Q model. The 1Q speakers are wrapped in a 3″ hand-crafted solid wood cube. It is a powerful, small, bluetooth sound system that produces warm and natural sound. The 1Q is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, with the ability to fill relatively large spaces with sound. This speaker in conveniently prices at $129.95.

The 2Q is the bigger version of Vers speakers. This speaker is a full 13 watt stereo sound system with a hand-crafted solid wood cabinet. The sound the 2Q produces is also warm and natural, similar to that of the 1Q. Although it is bigger than the 1Q, it is still considered to be portable enough to follow you wherever you go, as well as fill space in a room. These larger speakers are priced at $199.95.

Vers speakers are designed based on user-experience and the overall function of the product. Not only are these speakers practical, but with a purchase from Vers, you help donate $1 to plant a tree. Vers will then match your donation to benefit the Arbor Day Foundation. With the prime traveling season is upon us, portable, and relatively affordable, speakers are a great gift! Vers works with customers to be practical, to create enjoyable products, and to give back with their philanthropic tendencies.

-by Deirdre McAndrew

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