Bochic Launches New Clutch Collection in Paris

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In 2004, the husband and wife team of David Aaron Joseph and Miriam Salat brought their talents together to create Bochic – a fine jewelry collection consisting of mainly one-of-a-kind pieces catering to a bold and free spirited woman.

Based in New York, the pair ensures that each Bochic piece is a reflection of the many far-away cultures inspired by the pair’s worldly travels. It is fresh, chic and distinctively elegant.


The unique designs are eclectic and are created using precious materials such as fossilized wooly mammoth to ancient jet. Intricately carved, all pieces come to life in 18kt gold and are hand-set with colorful precious stones such as diamonds, antique jade, turquoise, sapphires and tourmaline. With clients such as: Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Hilary Swank and Michelle Obama, the brand’s loyal clients represent the A-listers of Hollywood and Washington.

To complement their jewelry collection, Bochic has recently launched an equally exquisite line of evening clutch bags during Paris Fashion Week.


This collection takes the wearer back to the secrets and sexually charged motivations found in “Film Noir” of the 40s and 50s. Elegant and simplistic the clutches personify the wearer to be strong and extremely seductive, which is both edgy and captivating.

This initial collection will begin with three key designs, Alicia, Gilda and Madeleine.  Gathering inspiration from Hitchcock’s film “Notorious” and the iconic Ingrid Bergman’s character – Alicia, the “Alicia” clutch is the embodiment of an American Spy Thriller: mysterious, suspense and enchanted.  Ingeniously, the clutch handle is fashioned to represent the stolen key from the movie.

Bronwyn Cosgrave-2

The smooth classical shapes of each clutch are finely crafted with exotic leathers; crocodile, python, serpentines or stingray and complimented with intricately detailed gold handles formed in Rome.  All clutches also include the same ornament detailing and meticulous process as their beautiful jewelry.   The Bochic collection is handmade in Florence ensuring to have the authenticity of Italian craftsmanship.

It won’t be long before we see more of these gorgeous clutches on and off the Red Carpet.

Ona Hamilton

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