Beyond Beauty, Simple Steps to an Irresistible Presence

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Inbar Harel’s latest book, Beyond Beauty, Simple Steps to Irresistible Presence, discloses the ultimate secrets to develop a powerful inside and outside presence.

What is Inbar Harel’s method?

We all deserve the same happiness and abundance, but we all didn’t arrive in this world with the same tools in our hands. So Inbar Harel created and developed a unique method based on the knowledge of Ancient Wisdom and science, and inspired by the teachings of the Kabbalah and Buddhism.

She provides her readers answers about how to become present in their lives and how to achieve their ultimate goals. The method consists of working on the four influential components of presence: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical.

What led Inbar Harel to write this book?

“I wrote this book to give people the tools to create their own successful presence,” Harel said.

Inbar Harel is an expert in building personal and professional presence. Irresistible Presence is the culmination of more than 15 years of work in building brand success and leading her clients to viable careers. Inbar Harel offers a unique method by combining her experience of the practical business world with the spiritual and mental world. This book is the fruit of her travels all over the world, so her readers can benefit from the lessons of the greatest spiritual teachers of her generation.

It all started by one statement: Inbar met a multitude of talented and skilled people with strong capacity and potential. She noticed that most of them were unable to achieve their goals in life, and the origins of what stops them could be either internal or external. No matter how hard they tried, the energy and efforts they invested would always be stopped by a hidden cause.

The successful ones became more and more successful, whereas others remained stagnant. Inbar then came to the conclusion that we have to work on the inside as well as the outside; she understood that presence is a part of success. Inbar identifies the elements of Ancient Wisdom, nature and timeless value, and how to utilize them in creating an irresistible presence.

In addition to being an expert in creating one’s presence, Inbar is also an Ashtanga yoga teacher, a nutritionist, an image consultant, a mental coach, a life coach, and she uses Theta healing and Jewish Reiki.

What are the benefits of this book?

Inbar’s book is about overcoming the frustration of not reflecting who you really are, and to stop being distracted from your feelings. Your mind is constantly filled by media messages and preconceived values to incite the image of who you need to be, which slowly sheds away your essence; your “true colors.” This book will give you the tools you need to get closer to yourself and to achieve results you desire.

You will dare to act like you never have before. You’ll be in control of your life and gain knowledge about real beauty, presence and charisma. Improve your assets and your values–the identification of what is good or bad for yourself–to strengthen your self-esteem and forge more meaningful relationships. Ultimately, you will find a way to connect to what makes you unique, and find your irresistible presence in life.

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Inbar Harel

Beyond Beauty is available in iBook format on and on the iTunes store.
Beyond Beauty is currently in the process of being translated in Hebrew, French, Chinese and Portuguese.

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