Best New York Spots to Have a Date with a Loved One

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Out On The Town

When it comes to fabulous date ideas, New York is the best place to realize them! In this magical city, you can find absolutely everything. Today we present the best spots for a date in New York.

New York is the whole Universe which always provides a million ideas and opportunities for their realization. People in this city are all different – creative, romantic, mundane, and ambitious. Fortunately for all of us, New York always finds something to offer for special dates.

Central Park

One of the most romantic things you can do is ride a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park. You can also go outside the park, but this can only be done at certain hours (from Monday to Saturday at any time after 11 pm and on Sunday at any time after 8 pm). Carriage rides are available throughout the year. Many people especially love them in winter when you can snuggle up to each other under the rug.

Empire State Building

The next building the view from which immediately brings the right mood is, of course, the well-known Empire State Building. Many couples go on one of the dates exactly there, and some even manage to climb to the top in a wedding dress. You have a great opportunity to kiss your soul mate on top of the world, but the entrance there costs $25.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

You and your second half will not have to travel far to feel a special mood and harmony with nature. But you can invite one of the women here to boast that you know such interesting, not always touristic places. Located not far from Prospect Park, this garden is a huge oasis of beauty and charm. More than 50 hectares of cherry blossoms, charming rose gardens, and stunning tropical flora. Even in winter, you will definitely feel like it’s mid-July outside.

Manhattan Central Station

Central Station in Manhattan, which is always full of travelers and very noisy, in its own way is interesting for couples. This is a magic place. If you stand still, and all people walk around you, it seems that the time has stopped for you two. You can have an especially interesting date in one of the local cafés.

DUMBO District

DUMBO District is one of the most beautiful portrait places where you can take gorgeous pictures! You can catch a gorgeous view of the bridges and skyscrapers of Manhattan. This place is beautiful at any time of the day and in any weather, even in fog and rain.

The Brooklyn Bridge

We cannot forget about the Brooklyn Bridge itself. Walking along it with your soul mate is always beautiful; the views here are spectacular. It does not matter if you are standing in the middle of the bridge or are resting near the view of Manhattan or the Statue of Liberty, the date will be magnificent.

Jane’s Carousel

If the romance of the Brooklyn Bridge and cityscapes is not enough for you, then this historic New York attraction will take you aback! A place with almost a century of history and this wonderful carousel, painted by hand, will surely take you both back to childhood. A huge ice cream factory nearby and a small theater you can visit after the fun on the carousel will help you keep this joy and nostalgic feelings.

Hotel 6 Columbus – A SIXTY

Travelers wishing to spend a romantic holiday in a noisy and crowded New York should pay attention to the Hotel 6 Columbus – A SIXTY. In addition to the romantic decor of the rooms, it is distinguished by the variety of cozy seating areas where you can have a great time together. On the roof of the hotel, a panoramic terrace with upholstered furniture is equipped; in evenings, it is always decorated with miniature candles. From the charming terrace, you can easily move to the bar which is also on the top floor. Romantic dinner can be arranged in the Blue Ribbon restaurant where, in addition to classic American dishes, sushi and exotic cocktails are served.

Gallow green

Many different rooftop bars have opened in New York over the past five years. But the restaurant-bar in the hotel Chelsea McKittrick is a special, surprisingly romantic place. Trees, twinkling lights, the atmosphere of the alpine hut will present New York in a new light and make the evening unforgettable. An amazing, surrealistic world that opens its doors for you here is easily complemented by warm notes of punch or terrific wine.

Slipper room

A small circus right in the center of New York is where surprise and fun are! Air acrobats right above your table, fascinating tricks, and flickering smiles around – all these components will be the key to a successful romantic evening on Valentine’s Day. We reliably insist that you go there for the nearest date!

Nitehawk Cinema

Why go to a restaurant and cinema separately if you can combine these two classic pleasures? In the Nitehawk Cinema you will find an excellent menu: burgers, tacos, pizza, and appetizers pleasant to look and taste. Among other things, in this cinema, there is a large wine and cocktail menu which will delight every party lover. Sit on these large chairs and sofas, choose any session, and face the new sensations and fun in the company of the second half!

Literary pub in the White Horse Tavern

For all lovers of literature or Ernest Hemingway’s famous quotes, “Write drunk, edit sober,” this place will fit perfectly. In this area of East Village, you can pre-register for an excursion on which an excellent guide will tell you about the literary trappings of legendary destinies and will tell many interesting stories. You will definitely see religious houses where talented writers and poets lived at different times. A perfect end to such an exciting literary route will be a stop at the bar which is literally saturated with books. Tasty local beer will be the final point in creating a charming image.

Hotel NYLO New York City

On the ground floor, there is a cozy bar that has preserved the best place for you and your half with its panoramic windows overlooking the busy streets.

Jazz places

Fashion changes, but jazz stays the same (the same important part of the cultural life of New York as well). This kind of music is the business card of the city. Jazz represents its style and history. And if you happen to travel to NYC, it would be a crime not to plan a visit to one of the local jazz clubs. These are steeped into style and atmosphere you won’t experience anywhere else. The true fans of this style remember, however, that jazz was born in New Orleans, while NY became a place of inspiration and work for many representatives of the local elite. It was there, in New York, that the most iconic records were recorded and most banging music bands created.

Local jazz cafés and clubs are really unique. Their asceticism is the one in its kind. People come here to listen to the music, and the food or drinks come to second place. Some of them are situated in the tiny buildings and rooms on top floors of regular houses, and no one would think, passing by them on the street, that those are places where such iconic things happened. Others occupy larger spaces and have not a small stage but a huge performing zone, rows of tables, and walls full of photos of a great artist to have ever come there. Each of them is the one and only, and you should better think about where to book a table in advance, as the best places are being taken very quickly.


This cozy basement club is intelligent and modest. Situated in Greenwich Village, the greenest neighborhood in NY, this place is famous for holding various events. From traditional occasions to experimental bands performances or even huge jam musicians. You can buy tickets at the club itself, but you should better hurry up, as the queue before the entrance is always long there.

Smoke Jazz Club

A cute jazz club situated in the region of Harlem that will amaze you with its spirit and atmosphere. This one is popular for hosting musicians of the high category only. What is more, Harlem is truly an iconic place for the jazz culture: during history, musicians came to this place to remain for the rest of their creative path and write music here. In the Harlem club, the crowds from every point of New York and all around from the surrounding cities can be found.

Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola

This place is perfect if you prefer more airy and spacious cafes but want to combine it with the jazz traditions and feel the real spirit of this culture. Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola has a little pinch of glamour; people here sip fancy cocktails and overlook the Central Park through French windows, but it still remains simple and true. It will greet you in the best traditions – with quality and chick. Text is taken from Russian brides site.

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