Best Jackets for Summer Evenings

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Summer is the perfect season to wear whatever you want. In summer you aren’t restricted in what you can wear by the cold chill of winter. You can wear absolutely anything as long as you feel comfortable, trendy and cool – like these summer street styles we found in Lower Manhattan.

You can wear a plethora of jackets too. We know it seems like a cool-weather kind of outfit but evenings,
even summer nights can still be chilly. Here are some of our best picks.

Best Jackets for Summer Evenings

Cardigans – are comfy, light and can be elegant – which makes a cardigan a great choice for a chilly evening.
They usually come in neutral colors like black, brown and white – but this bright orange cardigan by Eloquii delivers the same amount of elegance. Wear it with a dress, shirt or tank and it’ll still look great.

Windbreakers – are usually worn on cold, rainy days, but they work surprisingly well on summer evenings. They used to be worn exclusively for track and field. But with athleisure taking over mainstream fashion, almost everybody owns one now. After all, windbreakers look perfect with a pair of shorts or jeans.

Hoodies – are great they’re soft, easy to slip-on, and something you can wear with or without a shirt underneath. The lightweight hooded jacket on Woman Within is perfect for transitional weather and a great piece to have on hand. They look great with bottoms too like skirts, jeans, leggings; they can be adapted for just about anybody type.

Bomber Jackets – As aforementioned, summer evenings can get cold sometimes, and the insulation provided by bomber jackets are guaranteed to keep you warm – perfect for casual walks in the park. And if you get warm, all you need to do is roll up the sleeves.

Best Jackets for Summer Evenings
Nature Sunset Summer Evening

Denim jackets – are another classic. Denim isn’t suffocating, which means that you can wear it in the mornings, and the fabric is thick enough that you won’t be able to feel any cold weather. LiveAbout provides a full rundown of what to pair denim with including floral dresses, plain white dresses, maxi skirts and even track pants for a killer, unique look.

Crop Jackets – a shorter jacket looks amazing with high-waisted shorts or pants, without making you look like you’re drowning in fabric. It’s trendy, cute and easy to remove if it suddenly gets too warm. It also makes for good streetwear when you tie it around your waist.

Blazers – shouldn’t only be worn for work – if you pick the right one, you can have it loose so that it feels lightweight and breezy. In particular, this pink Auline travel blazer is clean and easy to dress up (or down) and doesn’t even have an inner lining so that it feels super light. In general, blazers can come in short or long fits – it all comes down to your own personal preference.

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