A Look At Berta Balilti’s Fall 2017 Bridal Collection; Photos By Kate Bedrick

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Events, Fashion

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New York International Bridal Week is getting us excited for new styles coming in 2017 and looking back on the bridal designs debuted in 2016.

Throughout the season we’ve seen bolder, more modern bridal designs. Perhaps the boldest is Israeli bridal designer Berta Balilti, who premiered her 2017 Fall collection earlier this year.

103021_BDS_9320With 3D flowers and lace appliques, the designer draws inspiration from the world of botany, particularly, flowers. Just like the variety that can be found in the world of flowers, each dress in the 30-piece collection is unique.


From capes to fringe to barely-there fabric, Berta’s avant-garde designs are daring, and not often found in a typical bridal show. Despite pushing the boundaries of wedding design, the collection aims to appeal to many brides and many styles; from boho, to art-deco, to rich and glamorous.

Each dress in the collection tells a different story about the bride that wears it. Berta said, “These are gowns created in order to get the bride to blossom in the biggest day of her life.”


The collection has Berta’s signature curve-hugging silhouettes, some dresses showing a lot of leg, and some with see-through fabric. The models, styled with messy buns and giant gold hoops, turn the expectation of what a bride should look like on it’s head.


“The Berta bride is unashamedly sexy, and yet, still stately-chic,” said Brides.com. “This is the princess bride all grown-up.”

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