Barclay Recommends: Le Pet Spa in Battery Park City

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Barclay is the face of all pups in Lower Manhattan, which means he always has to be groomed to perfection. After being groomed at Le Pet Spa, Barclay has been catching the eyes of many on the Financial District streets. Although he is always considered an adorable show stopper, his new cut and clean coat is better than ever. Conveniently located in Battery Park City, Le Pet Spa is the best place to fulfill your every Pet need. Previous owner, Robert Concister, has served Downtown pet lovers and the furry companions for years. He is now passing his business over to to Phil Castiglia. Both have great hopes of expanding business and convenience for the Downtown community.

Le Pet Spa supplies everything the Downtown area needs from collars to wee wee pad to almost every food brand. If they do not carry what you are looking for, they try their best to accommodate your needs. They accept orders via phone and fax which they deliver daily throughout the Battery Park City Area. Castiglia explains, “We are looking to expand our reach. Although we specialize in dogs, we are looking forward to working with cats just as much.”

The luxurious grooming services at Le Pet Spa left Barclay looking cleaner and more handsome than ever! These services are appointment only and offered 7 days a week, for customer convenience. Le Pet Spa’s grooming staff is unbelievably talented, friendly, and gentle with all pets. Not only are they extraordinary groomers, but their service even includes a pick up and drop off service in BPC and across the highway and North End Ave. Castiglia states, “We feel we have excellent groomers, which is motivating us to expand our reach.”

Le Pet Spa also offers surprise daily specials along with grooming services including nail clippings, facial touch ups, gland cleaning, and brush outs to maintain your pet’s appearance between haircuts and baths. They also groom cats, which is very uncommon in this area. Le Pet Spa aims to please, meet the needs of their customers, and the customer’s pets. “Our mission is to serve this neighborhood, whether we are dog sitting, dog walking, or dropping off food. Our job is to take care of animals.”

Castigla wanted to be a veterinarian his whole life, but could not afford the necessary schooling at the time. He began working and became Senior Vice President of a of large company. Now that he has had so much success he has retired and is doing what he loves most – working with animals. “From a young age I spent time with my Aunt who bred border collies which inspired me to volunteer for animal societies and shelters all my life.” Castiglia is living out his dreams as the new owner of Le Pet Spa with the goal to enhance the life of animals in Lower Manhattan.

-by Deirdre McAndrew


Photo: Courtesy of Lizzie Crittenden


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