Authentic Agility’s New Card Game Will Challenge Your Perspective On The World

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Entertainment

Conversations are created to inform others about current news, to exchange ideas, and to challenge one’s perspective on the world. Conversations are intended to create impact and change. However, it can be difficult to initiate conversions with new friends, old friends you’ve disconnected with, or just any stranger on the street. 

We can get caught up in our own heads from figuring out the right way to engage in a conversation with someone, to picking out what questions are appropriate to ask. And it’s understandable. Everything is happening all at once, and it can be overwhelming to break the ice. Well, Authentic Agility is trying to bridge that gap with their brand new card game “How Do You See The World?”

This card game is pushing all the boundaries of how we create conversations by having individuals go beyond their comfort zones, ask compelling questions, and learn more about the other person(s) through their authentic, intimate responses. Founder Cathy Cranberg wanted to create a clever way to connect a group of people and have them engage and listen to one another in a judgment-free environment. 

The card game set includes 100 Questions Cards that explore five different categories: reflections, relationships, aspirations, life’s purpose, and beliefs. Each card is set up with five questions, one for each category. This totals out to over 500 unique questions to ask not only others, but to answer yourself. 

A group of people playing the game. Photo provided by Authentic Agility.

To start the game, a player must roll a dice that includes a series of symbols that each match up to a category on the question card. The player will then read the question out loud to the group and let one minute to pass for each player to think, reflect, and then answer. Once everyone in the group answers, a new round begins, and the dice must be rolled once more. 

This card game has been an eye-opening experience for me as I’ve played this game on numerous occasions with different friend groups. It has been an effective tool to engage in deeper and nuanced conversations with friends that I thought I knew everything about. Although this game isn’t inherently tied to discussing social-political issues, many responses to questions have invoked those conversations to be brought to light. “How Do You See The World?” has let me, and others, experience different perspectives of an individual’s life and thoughts we weren’t aware of before. 

A portion of the proceeds from purchasing this game will be given to different organizations that are advancing education and entrepreneurships around the world in the effective ways. 

On a card that introduces the game, a quote reads “Change the way you see the world and the world you see will change,” and that’s the impact this game wants to leave on its players. 

“How Do You See The World?” is available for purchase on Amazon.

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