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Athleisure is everywhere, and it should also be draped over your shoulder. Lets face the facts, as NYC residents, finding optimal pieces that easily transition from your workout, to the office, to a night on the town, is probably at the top of your shopping list.

NOCORI, made here in NYC, is a brand inspired by minimalism and the Japanese mentality of moving lightly throughout your day, leaving you with only what remains – your essentials.  With those words, founder Phoebe Chen, designed this luxurious leather flap bag in hopes of solving a problem and filling a void encountered in todays world of athleisure and fashion.

“Whether you consider yourself a fitness guru, a meeting maven, or a warrior parent – we rush from meetings to errands followed by dinner(s) and/or gathering(s) with friends while trying to squeeze in a workout somewhere in-between. We seem to find ourselves faced with the constant struggle of having to choose convenience over style.” Says Chen, adding, “Inevitably we are weighed down by the amount of “stuff” we carry to accommodate this fast-paced lifestyle.  NOCORI seeks to solve this problem. Each bag we create is thoughtfully designed to bring convenience to your lifestyle.”

What makes this different than any other gym bag, purse, or backpack on the market, is the secret compartment for those workout clothes (clean or dirty) that you usually have to sneak into the office in the gym plastic bags (yes, you know which ones I’m talking about.). Lined with water-resistant nylon, you can easily remove and toss in the washing machine for quick and easy cleaning.

Super mom, former Women’s National Team Soccer Player, and Sweat Cosmetics founder Leslie Osborne, is in love with her NOCORI bag. “My life is crazy and on the go all of the time. From traveling with Fox Sports, getting to my workouts and meetings all with my baby, I multitask to the finest. The versatility and multi functional use has me throwing yoga gear to baby bibs and makeup in my bag, and still looking like a fashionable mom”

Fashionistas, athletes, and moms: The time has come, where we can finally hang up, both literally and figuratively, carrying multiple bags around our cities, save a piece of mother nature by leaving the single use plastic bags at the gym or studio, and continue to be stylish and living that hectic life we all know and love.

Photo credit :Kirsten Gilliam



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