Arlyn Broche talks “Ballers,” upcoming projects, New York and more

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Arlyn Broche / Photo: Nisso Studios

Arlyn Broche / Photo: Nisso Studios

2016 has been a break-out year for actress Arlyn Broche, thanks to her role as Tonya on the HBO hit Ballers. But Ballers was not Arlyn’s first role, as she has been acting since she was a child. Beyond Ballers, the Miami native recently appeared on CBS’ The Inspectors and has roles in two forthcoming indie movies, Fallaway and Mary.

Arlyn spoke to Downtown about what is coming up in her career and how she manages to successfully juggle life as an actress while being a married mother of three. Beyond pages on Twitter and Facebook, Arlyn stays active online at

Arlyn Broche / Photo: Nisso Studios

Arlyn Broche / Photo: Nisso Studios

Prior to being cast on Ballers, had you worked with any of the cast before?

Arlyn Broche: Unfortunately I had not.

Did you grow up as a sports fan?

AB: Yes! Actually my brother was an avid football and basketball fan and we shared the TV set. So I ended up understanding the games and have been hooked since then.

Do you have a favorite moment from Season 1, before Tonya appeared on Ballers?

AB: Season 1 is a lot of fun, I love the banter and play between Joe and Spencer, it cracks me up. I’m a Miami girl and the show itself depicts the Miami vibe, which is up-beat and entertaining. Many have commented that Miami is a separate character on the show and I agree.

If I were to pick what I like most from Season 1, it may sound a little biased but, upon reflecting on my work on the show as Tonya, my favorite episodes are the ones that end up bringing Spencer to the pharmacy. Here he is, a former athlete and now a very successful agent who on the flip side is dealing with constant physical pain. As an actor, it is always exciting to look beyond the script and see the real-life struggles of the character and portray that. I think Dwayne does a phenomenal job of walking that fine line of the outward persona he has to show in Strasmore and the struggles he has to repress in order to do that.

You grew up in Florida, where Ballers is set. Had you done any acting work in Florida previously?

AB: Yes I’ve worked on numerous short films, some feature films and commercials.

Are you still based in Florida?

AB: Yes, my home is in Florida but, I love to travel and work provides me countless opportunities to do what I love!

2015 was your break-out year as an actress. How has it been since then?

AB: I feel very fortunate for the opportunities that presented themselves in 2015. Wow! They really have opened so many other doors and have generated so many other opportunities that I am currently pursuing. It’s been quite a ride, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Arlyn with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on-set

Arlyn with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on-set

Ballers aside, what’s coming up for you as an actress?

AB: Well I was just on CBS’ The Inspectors opposite Terry Serpico and Jessica Lundy, they are lovely to work with. There are several projects that I’m working on at the moment, two feature films — Fallaway and Mary — and a web series called SWAGG. I have other projects in talks but, nothing official yet.

Do you have goals for your career? Or are you more the type of person that lets things fall into place?

AB: My goal in my career is to reach people, touch them, entertain them, evoke and stir their emotions. My main goal is to reach a point where my body of work speaks for me.

Do you have aspirations beyond acting? To write, direct or produce?

AB: You know, whenever I’m on set I’m always observing and learning. I would love the opportunity to produce and direct in the future, every facet that goes into the creation of films fascinate me.

Have you ever been to New York City for acting work?

AB: I have been to New York many times but, not for work. Funny enough, I worked with a great group of people cast from New York — here in Miami on a project that was an interactive theatrical experience called Oculto Manor. It was a very different gig that I had ever done before. Many of the cast members I worked with are in Sleep No More, a New York City production of interactive work of theatre that was created by a British theatre company called Punchdrunk.

Arlyn Broche / Photo: Nisso Studios

Arlyn Broche / Photo: Nisso Studios

Do you have a favorite spot in New York City when it comes to dining or hanging out?

AB: It might sound cliché, but I love New York. It’s an impressive city, it also reminds a lot of Miami in that there is something for everybody. Last time I was there was last year during December, a friend recommended a restaurant called Buddakan. My family and I thought it was quite lovely. When I visit other cities I always like to go where the locals go, not the touristy areas in order to experience the vibe of the people from there. I love John’s Pizzeria Of Bleecker Street. It’s laid back and casual, but the pizza there is insane! My kids love to ice skate in Central Park every time we go. Again, great city, great vibe!

When you’re not busy with your career, how do you like to spend your free time?

AB: Well, for the most part I always seem to find myself working. (laughs) Funny story, this summer I was on vacation with the family in the Caribbean and my agent called me about a request for submission on an episodic that had a quick turn-around. So of course, my son and I prepped everything in the hotel room and made it happen!

That’s the nature of this business. But aside from that I’m a family girl, so when I’m not busy with work, my time is with my husband and three kids, and boy do they always have things to do!

When it comes to balancing your career and being a mother to three children, how do you manage to get that done?

AB: Well, I think balance is essential in life period. There are days I wish I had 30 hours instead of 24, but what I have learned is that quality beats quantity. There are tons of books on motherhood, but it’s kind of like riding a bike — you don’t really know until you do it. But I’m very blessed because my husband is extremely supportive of me and my career. My kids are good kids and I’m proud to say I have an awesome team. They truly are the foundation to my success.

Finally, Arlyn, any last words for the kids?

AB: Dream big and follow your passion, do what you love. In life you will fail at something, it might as well be what makes you feel alive. Anything is possible if you set your mind and heart to it.

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