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Indulging in a delicious pot of ice cream no longer has to be followed by feelings of guilt and regret. That’s right – Arctic Zero’s revolutionary fit frozen deserts are sure to pacify even the most pedantic calorie counters out there. These delicious creamy frozen treats are free from GMO, gluten, and lactose, as well as having a low glycemic index (GI). All products except the bars are fat free, and the bars only contain the lowest amounts of fat. All Arctic Zero products are filled with protein and fiber, and best of all, an entire pint is only a fraction of the calories of a serving of regular ice cream. Better yet, all Arctic Zero products are certified vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association and Kosher by OK Kosher.

Using only the best natural and tasty ingredients, minus the fat and excess of calories, satisfying your sweet tooth has never been healthier. Arctic Zero has three different delicious, tasty products; creamy pints, chocolate-dipped bars, and chunky pints.

The Creamy Pints come in ten different flavors: Cappuccino, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookie Shake, Hint of Mint, Orange Dream, Purely Chocolate, Simply Strawberry, Toasted Coconut, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Maple. At only 35 calories per serving and 150 calories for the entire tub, we are pleased to say that this creamy treat can frequent you tastebuds!

Arctic Zero’s Chocolate-Dipped Bars come in two delicious flavors, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla. The Dark Chocolate flavor consists of creamy, rich, fudgy chocolate, coated in chocolate liquor. The Vanilla flavor is slightly less rich, comprising of creamy vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate liquor. At only 80 calories per bar, these tasty treats are the perfect desert snack, minus the unnecessary calories.

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Finally, Arctic Zero’s range of Chunky Pints are some of our favorites. Packed with chunks of delicious treats, flavors include Buttery Pecan, Key Lime Pie, A Little Bit Chippy (chocolate chip), Cool Mint Chip, and Cookie Dough Chip. Each flavor contains only 75 calories per serving, or 300 calories for the whole pint, making these chunky pints the perfect guiltless pleasure!

The California based company attributes the creation to abolishing the need of having to choose between indulging your sweet tooth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Available online and in stores across the country, click here to place an order or locate your closest retailer. So next time your sweet tooth strikes, indulge in these deliciously tasty desserts without the guilt!

– By Lizzie Crittenden

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