A Wine Glass Guide

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Over the past few years drinking less, but better has been a trend of culture and high-living, and wine tastings have become a function of this trend. This past spring New York held La Nuit En Rose, the world’s largest Rose wine tasting, to provide a guide to wine glasses.

Connoisseurs understand the importance of the glass, and so does Riedel, a world renowned wine glass company. Wine glasses have the ability to enhance the wine’s clarity, and intensify its glare and shade. The different shapes are essential for a correct wine tasting; red wine for example, requires a wider glass than white wine in order to let small amounts of wine plunge over the entire surface. As opposed to champagne glasses, so adored in the past, need a larger width to allow the bubbles to the surface in order to scatter and dilute the brisk fragrance of the wine.

The importance of the wine, in terms of structure, aroma, and organoleptic sensation; is equally as important as the glass it’s drank from. Below is a guide to the nine wine glasses you should know to improve your drinking experience.

White Wine

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Red Wine

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Dessert Wine

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-Angelica Gianni


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