A tech21 product that can make your work days (and vacation days) easier

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Technology

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As embarrassing as it can be to admit, I rarely turn my phone off. I need it for work, I rely on it for my social life, I use it to document events, and even have it connected to my other entertainment devices. So when you use a smartphone THAT much, you’re likely draining the phone’s battery at least twice a day.

Fortunately, I’ve encountered a solution to all this. Not a solution that makes me less reliant on my phone, no, but a solution that keeps me from having to find a phone charger port whenever I go. Enter the Evo Endurance from tech21, a smartphone charging case.

After testing the Evo Endurance for a little over a week, I’ve taken notes of its pros and cons…

Evo Endurance

– Functionality – It works as described. It is a case-fitting phone that charges said phone.
– Ease Of Charging – Both charging the case and activating the backup battery are both simple processes requiring a handful of steps.
– Long Battery Life – As a test, I fully charged the battery, left it be for three days and then checked on its status again. It was still more than halfway charged.
– Battery Status – This is visible on the back of the case, per the blue dots that light up.
– Sturdy – I also did a few drop tests, since everyone inevitably drops their phone at some point. No noticeable dents or damage to the case or the phone.
– Design – It is a fashionable case, sleek in design.
– Eco-Friendly – The Evo Endurance uses lithium ceramic technology, a new battery material with minimal heat emission and zero chemical leakage.

Evo Elite Side

– Compatibility – Presently, the product is only made for Apple/iOS phones, which means that Android users won’t have much use for an Evo Endurance.
– Adapter – The connector wire is not necessarily the same wire you use to charge your phone, so it’s an extra wire and/or charger connector to carry around, although daily charging should not be not needed.
– Colors – While the design is appealing, only solid colors are available, in case you were seeking for a stand-out case.
– Screen Protector – The screen protector is not included with the Evo Endurance, although tech21 also makes those.

Overall, excellent advantages and mostly minor disadvantages to the Evo Endurance, making this is a worthwhile purchase for any iPhone-carrying smartphone addict.



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