A Necessity for National Ice Cream Month

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Featured, Your Weekly Indulgence

We are currently nine days into arguably the most important month of the year, July, also known as National Ice Cream month. With National Ice Cream Day being just around the corner on July 21st, it’s only right that we express our love for My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is premium-quality ice cream that is wrapped in a silky, pillowy mochi/rice dough. They offer all of the classic ice cream flavors such as Cookies & Cream, Sweet Mango and Double Chocolate, and they even offer new, unusual Vanilla Blueberry, Dulce de Leche and S’mores.

Our personal favorite flavor is Vanilla Blueberry. The delectable ice cream-filled dough satisfied our team’s craving for something sweet that feels like summer. Each bite was as delicious as the last and provided a new layer of extravagant flavor to meet our tastebuds while still only providing us with 4% of our total daily fat.

If you’re hoping to cool off and indulge, look no further. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is available at many of your local retailers. Find your closest vendor here!

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