8 The Best Commodity Trading Books of 2020

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Commodity trading has been popular for decades. Today, its appeal is undeniable. Cutting-edge technology allows residents of Nigeria and South Africa to profit from commodities online. These eight books will help you master the art of successful trades.

A Trader’s First Book On Commodities

Before delving into practical trading, learn the fundamentals. This high-stakes investment must be approached wisely. The book focuses on the trading environment, rather than theory. It covers profit mechanisms, best platforms, the balance of gains and losses, and margin calls. The history of the commodity futures market is also worth studying, as it teaches you to evaluate risks. There is a wealth of advice for rookies. 

Author Jim Rogers is one of the most successful investors ever. He manages a commodity index fund that set a record when it reaped a gain of 165%! The book will take you back to the 1990s, the golden age of commodity investment, and show why these assets are still hot today. The market offers impressive income potential and security.

Rogers is a great mentor. He will tell you all about supply and demand. You will learn how market fluctuations can work to your advantage. It is not necessary to invest a fortune to achieve impressive returns. 

Commodities for Dummies

The title says it all: this book targets complete beginners. Some people invest in commodities with only a shallow understanding of the market. While you could make a profit, long-term success requires a solid base. 

This book will arm you with valuable techniques. You will develop the strategy that breaks you free from index funds or investment funds. Readers learn about common pitfalls, proper diversification, and the most popular commodities. 

Gold Is A Better Way

As the name suggests, this book is all about investing in gold. Unlike other forms of trading, gold gives you something you can actually hold in your hand. Even though it does not mean you will have billions sitting in your basement, connection to a physical asset makes a significant difference. Precious metals trading is a safe and reliable way to make your money work. 

This book is an investment guide that reads like a novel. It is entertaining and informative, with plenty of visual cues. Readers learn about gold and the market itself. This will prepare you real trading with brokers like Alpari.

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market

The book is not so little, as it has over 200 pages. However, it is undeniably one of the best classics. Joel Greenblatt has one central idea: the key to high profits in the stock market is finding products or companies which are undervalued. Obviously, this is not an easy task, so the author has distilled it into a simple formula. 

You do not have to be good at maths to understand the main points. This book is a source of investment philosophies that have stood the test of time. You will learn why gaming the system does not work and how the formula can help you develop a sound long-term strategy.

Market Wizards

For this book, Jack D. Schwager conducted research to define reasons for investors’ success. Is there a universal formula for high returns? Does it all come down to luck, inheritance, or knowledge? Unsurprisingly, the conclusion shows a combination of many factors. Big investors follow a solid strategy based on theory and practical experience, and they share a particular attitude. 

Read the book for valuable insights from recognized experts. It provides advice in investors’ own words. You do not have to be a millionaire to use their tips! It is a truly inspiring read which touches upon equities, futures, economic trends, and psychoanalysis.  

The Complete TurtleTrader

Once, investor Richard Dennis placed a bet that turned him into a legend. Through a classified ad, he found 23 people with little to no investment experience. Dennis then trained the team for two weeks and gave them one million dollars to invest. 

The result? Every single member became a millionaire. The team became known as Turtles — hence the name. The followers brought Dennis $100 million. The book includes their accounts of what happened. The turtles describe their interviews, training, and key takeaways from experience. Today, some of these people are running substantial hedge funds. 

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

This term ‘quant’ describes an investor who uses complex techniques to manipulate the market. Profit relies on computer and math skills. John Murphy teaches readers to monitor the market like a quant, and become a desirable asset for any investment firm.

This book covers all the necessary skills, from charting and graphic interpretation to technical applications. It contains a wealth of real-life examples. You will want to reread it. 


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