8 Rules to Remember When Shopping for Flower Girl Dresses

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If anyone at the wedding party gets as much attention as the bride, it’s the flower girl. Flower girls have an important role in wedding ceremonies and they need to look their cutest best while performing their duties. A beautiful flower girl dress goes a long way into making her feel confident during the ceremony. To make sure you pick the right one, we reveal 8 rules you need to remember when picking flower girl dresses.

Stay Clear of Long Flower Girl Dresses

Young girls often have a hard time moving around in long dresses. If they are forced into one, there is a good chance that they might trip on them. Keep the length of the frock short to allow maximum mobility.

Take Weather into Consideration

You might be okay to wear a sleeveless dress when it’s freezing outside, but flower girl dresses should be bought keeping the weather in mind. If it’s warm, make sure the dress allows ample airflow and is made from cotton. If the weather is cold make sure to add on a matching jacket to keep the young child warm and comfortable.

Seek Advice from the Flower Girl When Picking the Dress

It matters what the flower girl loves and dislikes. After all, you want her to feel confident and happy during the ceremony. Make sure to take her along when shopping for the dress. If she is unavailable, you can Facetime with her when at the store.

Compare Prices Online

If you are on a budget and looking for cheap flower girl dresses, going to a fancy store doesn’t really make sense. Compare prices of flower girl dresses online to find the best deal. However, make sure the online flower girl dress store has a friendly return policy.

Make Sure it Goes with the Theme of the Wedding

One of the perks of buying the flower girl dress with the wedding dress is that you can ensure they have a matching theme. If you are not buying a set, make sure the dress you pick has the same primary and secondary colors as used to create the wedding theme. If you are confused, you can always consult the wedding planner.

Consider Multiple Color Options and Not Just White

Traditionally flower girl dresses are white. However, there are plenty of other colors that look equally good or better. Light shades of pink and blue are popular choices.

Don’t Force Yourself to Buy the Dress from the Place you Got the Wedding Dress

Most wedding dress stores also sell flower girl dresses. However, it makes sense to look around a bit. This is mainly because flower girl dresses at wedding dress stores are often way too expensive.  Go to a dedicated flower girl dress shop online and you can find a pretty frock for a fraction of the cost.

Buy the Dress a Couple of Weeks Before the Wedding

Kids often have sudden growth spurts. Girls usually experience growth spurts between the ages of 8 to 13. Therefore, a frock that fits perfectly a few months ago may end up feeling tight when worn at the ceremony. To avoid this buy the dress a few weeks before the ceremony.

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