8 Fun Ways To Make Your Cup of Coffee Way More Interesting

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Lifestyle

A beloved drink around the world

Come rain or shine, the only thing getting some people out of the bed in the morning is the promise of a sweet cup of coffee. A beloved drink around the world, it’s not just the enticing aroma but the delicious taste and the caffeine jolt that is needed to help us perform normal, everyday tasks with precision. However, if you’ve been drinking coffee for a long time and have gotten pretty used to your ways, no matter if you drink it black or with milk and sugar, it’s never a bad idea to switch things up and alter your coffee a bit.


We’ll give you some great ideas that will definitely give your coffee a new twist and let you enjoy it all over again. Here are some ways to make your cup of coffee far more exciting. In all the fun of trying new types of coffee, just make sure you know some good cleaning tips in case you spill your cup and have to act fast to remove coffee stains from the floor!




For a slightly sweeter taste without the calories (and with immune-boosting properties), cinnamon is a fantastic spice for your coffee that is a flavor sensation. Sprinkle some powdered cinnamon on top or even stir your coffee with a cinnamon stick for a fun way to upgrade your hot beverage. You can also use nutmeg or even honey if you want something similar yet different.




One of the most exotic tastes coming from the Middle East, throwing in a few cardamom pods or a pinch of ground cardamom really hits you full in the face with zest. People might look at you weird when you first try it, but once they taste the drink, they’ll also hop on board the cardamom bandwagon!


Cocoa powder


Perfect for bad winter weather, a steaming, hot coffee with a pinch of cocoa powder is just the boost you’ll need for a great day ahead. Keep this one as a special occasion option so you don’t end up going over your daily chocolate quota!


Vanilla extract


You’ll need just a few drops of this extract because it can be quite sweet, but the taste is far more richer and interesting than plain old sugar. You could also try a bit of hazelnut or almond extract for something along the same lines.




We know it’s a bit unusual, but some ginger slices or in powdered form is a fantastic idea for your coffee around Christmas time, as it provides a delightful gingerbread-like quality that will get you in the mood for singing carols and decorating your home with stars and tinsel.


Irish Coffee


Add a dash of Jameson or Baileys to your coffee if it’s a Saturday night and you really want to feel awake and celebrate! The liqueur and coffee will combine beautifully and send your taste buds to another world.




Unsalted butter rather than milk or cream is a coffee hack that is starting to gain far more popularity lately. It might seem too weird at first, but in the end it’s actually not that different in taste than other dairy products you put into your coffee!


Try a DIY latte


For a quick and easy latte, simply put some milk and a dash of sugar into a coffee cup, warm it up in the microwave for 30 seconds, then use a milk frother to create a foamy mixture. Add your coffee and you’ve got a very tasty and fast latte!


Want to really get into coffee trends? Start using a moka pot to brew your coffee for a new taste that’s actually incredibly simple to make.




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