Downtown Alliance Commemorates the Staten Island Little League World Series Team

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Members of the 1964 Staten Island Little League World Series Team and Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lapin at the 50th Anniversary Ceremony. Photo: Courtesy of Jocelyn Alas

In a time when the morale of New York City was low due to a disappointing loss by both the Yankees and the Mets, the Staten Island Mid-Island Little League team brought hope to the area with a World Series win.

Over 25,000 people filled the streets in Lower Manhattan as the team paraded down the “Canyon of Heroes” in 1964, bringing honor back to New York. On October 2nd, the Downtown Alliance commemorated the 50th anniversary of the New York team’s championship win and parade with the team members and coach present. In addition, the Alliance unveiled a new application now available through the Apple store that will provide an interactive experience with the “Canyon of Heroes” and the dedications that can be found on the street.


Pitcher Dan Yaccarino. Photo: Courtesy of Jocelyn Alas

“It was a wonderful experience and speaking for all the guys, we are so honored to be a part of all this,” said the 1964 World Series team pitcher, Dan Yaccarino. “We started at the bottom of Broadway as 12 year old boys and by the time we reached City Hall we were young men.”

The commemorative marker that was honored on October 2nd can be found at Broadway between Fulton and John Street and notes the 1964 Staten Island Mid-Island Little League World Series win. In 1964, the team defeated Germany, Japan and later took the title with a 4-0 win over Mexico. This was the first and only youth group to be honored thus far in the canyon’s history.


Coach Bill Rogers. Photo: Courtesy of Jocelyn Alas

“This team was the most close knit group of men I have ever seen,” said Coach Bill Rogers at the ceremony. “I thank New York City for this great honor.”

-Lauren Price


Downtown Alliance president Jessica Lappin. Photo: Courtesy of Jocelyn Alas


A screenshot of what the Canyon of Heroes application will look like. Photo: Courtesy of Jocelyn Alas

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