5 Favorite Drinks For Summer

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Dining

Margarita aficionados preach that it’s always five o’clock somewhere. But in the summer, isn’t it five o’clock everywhere? Whether your summer drinking style is after-work cocktails or beverages at brunch, we’ve got you covered with a list of our favorite drinks for summer 2017. If it’s after five when you read this, get a drink in your hand, and fast. Cheers!

Forever Young Rosé

Photo courtesy of Forever Young

Rosés are undoubtedly the reigning wines of summer 2017. Forever Young wines are an NYC favorite, as they’re sold in various locations all over the city. The Forever Young Rosé is sweet with a hint of citrusy clementine. Wine curators with an attention to detail will appreciate the detailed production process, and wine drinkers will appreciate its refreshing flavor. Bottles are available to purchase on the Forever Young website.

Ingrid Rosé

The sweetest of labels adorns this boutique wine’s bottle, but on the inside you’ll find a more subtly sweet flavor. Ingrid Jean-Baptiste, a French actress, is the founder of Ingrid Wines. Her rosé is just sweet enough without being overpowering. For more information, visit the Ingrid Wines Facebook page.

Alacran Tequila

Photo courtesy of Alacran

There are three types of tequila. Blanco tequilas are not aged, reposado tequilas are aged two months to a year, and aged tequilas are aged for a minimum of one year. Choose whichever is right for you and then head to the market for some limes.

Experts select and clean matured agave by hand to create Alacran’s line of specialty tequilas. They pay special attention to detail and quality in each of their distinct tequilas. Visit their website for an in-depth look at all the stages and procedures taken to curate their product. Who knew tequila had such a long journey before it hits your shot glass?

ArteNOM Añjo Tequila

This aged tequila is a swarm of flavors in your mouth. ArteNOM Añjo is aged for three years, and the taste is telling. For two years it’s aged in red wine barrels made from French oak, and then the remaining year in casks that once housed American bourbon. The result is a flavor party – a mingling of citrus, smoke and vanilla. ArteNOM is available at Mouth, along with a slew of other indie spirits, wines, snacks and gifts.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon 

It doesn’t have to be Derby day for an excuse to drink something made in Kentucky; bourbon is good for any day of the year. This handcrafted bourbon is typically aged for up to six years. The result is a smooth and sweet bourbon that’s perfect for mixing cocktails or drinking on the rocks. Visit the Angel’s Envy site for more information.

Don Papa Rum

Photo courtesy of Don Papa Rum

Captain Jack Sparrow is out there asking the important questions: Where has the rum gone? The favorite drink of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a favorite for summer, too. Don Papas  brand of smooth and delicate rums will have you wishing for a hammock and a beach to put it on. Mix their rum into a cool, summer cocktail recipe and you’ve got the perfect drink for those hot evenings.

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