We Finally Found Our 2019 Fitness Routine!

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Figuring out a well-rounded fitness routine can be hard, especially in New York City. There seems to be a new boutique studio around every corner offering the latest trends in exercise and wellness. The key to seeing changes in your body is consistency, so here is the rundown on what our perfect workout routine looks like for the rest of the year:

Cardio: 305 Fitness

We know cardio is important for overall health and stamina, especially when you have to walk up those subway stairs every day, but did you know it could be super fun, too? 305 Fitness is “an addictive cardio party” with a live dj, light show, and tons of energy. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, 305 will get you moving, grooving, and having so much fun you forget you’re working out.

305 is the kind of place where people take selfies in the locker room. They even have a photo booth on the stairs down to the classrooms. You’ll definitely be feeling yourself by the time the class ends, so make sure you dress for full range of motion and to feel like your best self. 305 also just announced a brand new video series for at home workouts featuring Tiësto, who just so happens to be an investor in the fitness concept. The videos are free and you can find them on their YouTube channel so you can get your dance on in the comfort of your own home.

Strength: SLT

While cardio has many benefits, the key to long, lean muscles and fat loss is strength training. That doesn’t just have to be lifting and lowering weights at the gym. SLT (which stands for Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone) has been shaping and toning New Yorkers since 2011 and will not only help you get those abs, but also develop core strength. The workout, which follows the Lagree Fitness Method, fuses strength training and cardio with the principles of Pilates, and is anything but easy. 

Within the first couple of reps of the warmup, your muscles will be shaking. One minute of Megaformer burpees are no joke, and it sets the tone for what is to come the rest of class. What’s great about this workout is that the resistance from the springs allows the body to increase flexibility while strengthening muscles at the same time. You basically get two for the price of one, and not a single part of your body is overlooked. SLT’s instructors are also great at helping with modifications should you need them, so don’t be afraid of speaking up and discussing any injuries or concerns you may have.

Stretch: Stretch*d

Stretch*d has a great approach to recovery: come in, lay down, and have an expert stretch you without you having to do the work. What’s not to love about gaining flexibility and preventing injuries without having to do the work? Stretch*d takes an dynamic approach to stretching, meaning that rather than holding a stretch for a period of time, your body is moved through varying ranges of motion to improve flexibility and mobility. This is necessary for functional movement and safety, and it’s also great for recovering from any fitness class.

Prior to your session, your Stretch’r (the therapist) will take a couple of minutes to talk to you about your body and tailor the session to your needs. While held in place with a belt across your lap, your body will twist and turn from a light stretch, to a medium stretch, to a deep stretch, leaving you feeling open and more mobile after just one session. Definitely come regularly to keep yourself injury-free!

Mind: Inscape

If you are looking to get into meditation, look no further than Inscape. Walking into the studio, the storefront is a wellness mecca filled with crystals, self-help books, journals, and all-natural body care and beauty products. Classes take place in the back of the space, and the front desk staff kindly greets you with a small dosage of CBD (completely optional) to help promote further relaxation for class. Meditation occurs in a dome-like structure, and the relaxation classes take place in the alcove, which looks like a cave from Avatar. Classes are either lying down or seated.

Go all-out and opt for the 70-minute sound bath session with the optional CBD supplement. Fully immersed in sound, the class is lightly guided and gives gentle directions to focus on the various layers of sound created. After drifting in and out of a light sleep, which seemed to last about three minutes, the class is concluded seated. You leave feeling lighter, clearer-headed, happy, and grounded. It’s a great way to conclude the weekend, prepare for the week ahead, and fight off the Sunday Scaries. It is sure to become part of your weekly routine.

Wondering what to wear? Workout clothes are best, especially for 305 and SLT, where you will sweat a ton. We love Michi, a fashion-forward activewear brand that is flattering for all shapes and sizes and can be worn anywhere, anytime (believe us, we do it).

To top it all off, tie back your hair with Teleties! We’ve been obsessed with these fashionable, waterproof hair ties for months. They don’t leave marks, look cute on your wrist, and, best of all, when they stretch out you can pop them in hot water and they’ll shrink back into shape. They come in two sizes and tons of fun colors, like this pink pack. Once you try Teleties, you’ll never use another type of hair tie again.

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