Flickr Announces 20 Under 20

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Lissy Laricchia

Lissy Laricchia, 20 – Ontario, Canada

Photography has the power to fascinate, inspire and even change the way we see and understand the world around us. Monday, Flickr announced its first annual “20 Under 20,” a collection that celebrates twenty of the world’s most extraordinary young photographers on Flickr.

The 20 photographers were selected by a panel of influential Flickr photographers — Lou Noble, Cuba Gallery, and Rosie Hardy — and Vice President of Flickr, Bernardo Hernandez, based on creativity, technical talent and overall strength of their portfolio. The selected photos will be curated by Vogue photography director, Ivan Shaw, and showcased at Milk Studios in New York on Oct. 1.

Shaw also chose photographer Laurence Philomene to receive the 20 under 20 Curator’s Choice Award. He felt her photography offered a unique and fresh perspective and a window into a world we hadn’t seen before. As a part of the award, Shaw will mentor Philomene for a year.

Users can choose their favorite “20 under 20” photographers from the group and nominate their work, on Twitter, in three different categories: creativity, technical skills, and strength of overall portfolio. Those who rack up the most votes will win Audience Choice Awards.

Check out some of the photographs to add a little bit of magic to your day.

-Maria Zanetti

Alex Currie

Alex Currie, 17 – Buffano, NY

Brian Oldham

Brian Oldham, 21 – Los Angeles, CA

Alex Benetel

Alex Benetel, 20 – Jacksonville, FL

Berta Vicente Salas

Berta Vicente Salas, 20 – Barcelona, Spain

Chrissie White

Chrissie White, 20 – Seattle, WA

David Uzochukwu

David Uzochukwu, 17 – Innsbuck, Austria

evan atwood

Evan Atwood, 21 – Flagstaff, Arizona

Greg Ponthus

Greg Ponthus, 21 – Lyon, France

Katherina Jung

Katharina Jung, 21 – Hermeskeil, Germany

Lauren Withrow

Lauren Withrow, 21 – Dallas, Texas

Laurence Philon

Laurence Philomene, 21 – Montreal, Canada

Nicholas Scarpinato

Nicholas Scarpinato, 21 – Richmond, Virginia

Oliver Charles

Oliver Charles, 12 – London, UK

Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard, 21 – Sydney, Australia

Olivia Bee

Olivia Bee, 20 – Portland, Oregon

Rachel Baran

Rachel Baran, 21 – Columbus, Ohio

Silvia Grav

Silvia Grag, 20 – Madrid, Spain


Wiisa, Vanessa and Wilson, 19 and 20, Miami, Florida

Zev Hoover

Zev Hoover, 15 – Natick, Massachussetts

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